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Learn to dance in the comfort of your own home! UV Latin Dance Online is our Online Dance Academy where you can learn, "How To Become The Complete Dancer." You don't live in Miami? Now you can take classes with UV every day, no matter where in the world you live. Register today at www.uvlatindanceonline.com

***When ordering please make sure to specify which DVD’s you are purchasing! There is a box in paypal where you can make a note. 

Uriel and Vera offer world class dance instruction. Now you are able to lean from them in the comfort of your own home or dance studio. There are three instructional DVD’s available: Lifts and Tricks, Salsa on1 Turn Patterns, and Dominican Style Bachata. These DVD’s are for the intermediate and advanced dancer. 


One DVD for $30

Two DVD’s for $55

Three DVD’s for $80

Want to learn the secrets of a champion? Here is how the 2015 World Salsa and Bachata Champions break down their skills. Learn from the best in the world! Get your copy today!