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UV Latin Dance Academy offers the best in Salsa and Bachata instruction from World Champion dancers, Uriel Garcia and Vera Rowe. UV Latin Dance Academy is a progressive program that is built around mastering the foundational moves of Latin Dance. The UV Latin Dance Academy can help you become a confident social dancer, a powerful performer or a competitive champion at the amateur, semi-professional and professional level. Our philosophy at UV Latin Dance Academy is that all students begin at Level 1, no matter what their dance experience may be. We have a comprehensive curriculum that is progressively structured. If you follow our syllabus from beginning to end, you will become a strong dancer who is capable of executing the dance at a high level because your understanding of the foundational moves is complete. Uriel and Vera are World Champions in Salsa and Bachata and it is important to them that their students share their passion for both dances. This is why all courses at UV Latin Dance are half Salsa and half Bachata. The first 4 level's at UV Latin Dance Academy are six weeks long and each week is a building block to the next. For this reason we do not allow Drop-in students once the session has started. We pride ourselves on being well organized and extremely professional and we hope that the name UV Latin Dance is always associated with excellence. We offer individualized instruction as well as group instruction to help you on your dance journey and we are honored to be a part of that. Our greatest passion in life is to help spread our joy of Latin Dance with our surrounding communities and the world. We look forward to working with you.