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  $155 per month

$128 per month + $25 Registration fee

 $205 per month

UV Class Pass Membership, which includes: ​       

-Dance Fundamentals Monday's and Wednesday's 8:30-9:30pm

-Level 1 Salsa/Bachata Monday's and Wednesday's 7:00-8:30pm
-Level 1 Cha-Cha Tuesday's 7:00-8:00pm

  UV VIP Membership, which includes:                  -All UV Classes from the entire class schedule

-See the full class schedule HERE 
-Plus Parties and Events for FREE

$8,000 per year

 UV Platinum Membership, which includes:          

-All the benefits of the VIP Pass
-Plus one private lesson per month.

 $128 per month +$25 registration fee 

 UV Casino Membership, which includes:          

-Casino Level 1 & 2
-Afro-Cuban Fusion

-Twice per week of "Dance Fundamentals"

Beginner Curriculum:

We offer a beginner 6 week non progressive course called "Dance Fundamentals" which students can start with at any point in time, to work on basic dance skills that are critical for success as they work their way through our program.  Courses 1 through 4 are six week progressive classes. Every week is a building block to the next lesson and we will spend the first 45 minutes on Salsa and the second 45 minutes on Bachata. All students, no matter what their level of dance prior to UV training, must start from level 1. However, if you are a very experienced social dancer you may audition for The UV Accelerated Program (see description below). All classes are 6 week progressive courses. No drop in students allowed. No partner necessary. In order to move on to the next level your UV Instructor must evaluate you at the end of each course and decide whether you are ready to move to the next level or repeat the same level again. Most students at some point in the their UV training will most likely be asked to repeat a level. We encourage our students to look at this as a good thing. Our culture at UV promotes repetition and constant study of technique. It is our hope that students feel confident in the curriculum before moving on to the next level. If a student misses a class, it is up to them to make up the material before the following week. We highly recommend taking a private lesson in order to catch up before returning to the course.

All students must sign up to be on a monthly "Class Pass" membership before starting and there are no refunds or credits (Please make sure that you are able to attend the whole session prior to paying, if not, please be aware that you will not be refunded for any classes missed) The monthly "class pass" membership fee is $128 per month and a one time registration fee of $25. As you move through levels 1-4 this membership allows you to retake any of the past levels you have already graduated from, in order to continue to polish those skills. For example, if a student is in level 3, they are welcome to take levels 1 and 2 over again or drop in to these classes as they need, at no extra cost. 

Intermediate Curriculum:

The purpose of level 5 and level 6 classes are to begin work on creating turn patterns utilizing all the skills you have learned in levels 1-4. In this class you will begin to become a more skillful social dancer as you learn how to "put the pieces together". Now that you have learned how to execute all the foundational moves, these classes will teach you how to combine them in order to make the dance more varied and interesting. At this point students will move to the "VIP membership" which includes levels 1-4, all specialized technique classes, and all UV parties for $155 per month. You can also choose to upgrade to a "Platinum membership" for $205 per month, which includes all VIP benefits plus one private lesson per month. Level 5 and level 6 classes are ongoing classes that you will continue to take each week until your instructor feels you are ready to move to the next level. Some of our students are in level 5 classes for several months and some for several years before moving to level 6 classes because of the big jump in difficulty. Level 6 classes use all multiple spin techniques such as double inside and outside turns as well as twist prep technique for multiple spins within all combinations where as level 5 classes use mainly single turns and only start to introduce the concept of multiple spinning.

Advanced Curriculum:

If you are looking for another challenge and are ready to take your dancing to the next level, we welcome you to audition for our performance teams which are on the advanced level. All team members are required to meet once a week to rehearse their choreography and a second time to take company class. Our team members also attend levels 1-4 on a regular basis to maintain their foundational skill set.  The combo classes and special skill classes are the bridge between the intermediate and advanced curriculum. 

Accelerated Program:

This is a program for the experienced social dancer who has been through dance programs at other schools and has a firm understanding of the basics of both Salsa and Bachata. The program includes a 7 hour bootcamp spread out over two days in which you will learn the content we teach in level's 1-4. which typically takes 6 month. Plus, one month of unlimited classes at UV with no commitment to see how you like our program and style of teaching. The cost is $200 and you must schedule a FREE audition to be enrolled in the program. Call us at 786-661-2927 to schedule your evaluation. 

**All Team Members, UV Class Pass holders and VIP or Platinum Members, are required to be on auto debit. 

Adult Group Class Registration Page

Diamond Membership​​, which includes:
​-Membership is paid once a year
-It includes all the perks of our VIP Pass at a Class Pass rate
-6 Private Lessons a month
-One year membership to our online school 
​-A chance to perform a choreographed routine at our showcase and at the Miami Latin Dance Championships ​​